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QPR Institute...Suicide Gate Keeper Training

Surgeon General's Call to Action

Kristin Brooks Center

American Association of Suicidology
(AAS) promotes research, awareness programs, and education and training for professionals and volunteers.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
(AFSP) - dedicated to advancing our knowledge of suicide and our ability to prevent it.

Clinician Survivor Task Force
Therapists as survivors of patient suicide

Center for Disease Control
Use the search and keyword "suicide" to locate more than 600 resources

National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare
The oldest and largest national community behavioral healthcare organization representing direct care providers, state associations, public authorities, associations and integrated service networks.

S A \ V E
educates individuals about depression and suicide.

Suicide Information and Education Centre
(SIEC), suicide information resource center and library. SIEC holds the world's largest English language collection on suicidal behaviors, containing more than 26,000 print and audio/visual materials covering all aspects of suicidal behavior.

The Washington Community Mental Health Council
is committed to creating healthy and secure communities through partnerships focused upon the needs of the consumer and offering services of unparalleled value.

Youth Suicide Prevention Program
YSP is a response to the Washington State Legislature's decision to address the high rate of youth suicide in our state. The program is a collaborative effort between the Washington state Department of Health and the University of Washington's School of Nursing.

Healthy Place . COM 
This site has a wealth of information !  If you are in need of information relating to health in many facets, this is the site to visit!!
We visit this site often!

Click, Read Mental Health Journals at Mental Health Communities


The National Mental Health Association

National Institute of Mental Health
The National Mental Health Association
The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
NAMI Ohio (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

Tears of a Cop

Tammy's Home Page

Suicide Prevention Webazine

William Tennent H.S. Class of 2000 Project

Jennifer Marcoux Memorial Page

Australian Institute of Family Studies

Wing Of Madness...Depression Guide

The HELP Network
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Americas Continuing Education Network



Suicide Prevention Advocacy Network
also known as SPAN. Advancing the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention: Linking Research and Practice.


Yellow Ribbon Program


SPANNC...Suicide Prevention Advocacy Network North Carolina



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Zeke Mason Memorial Page

Help Stop Abuse

Mint Green Ribbon Campaign for the Awareness of Abuse

Mint Green Ribbon Campaign
for the Awareness of Abuse


The Bereavement Journey




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